Practical guidance, processes and adaptable resources to develop a whole school framework for supporting EAL learners in Post-Primary

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Planning for Inclusion and Diversity

The first step in the successful inclusion of EAL learners is to have effective provision in place before their arrival. 
It is important that schools consider planning for inclusion of all students as part of future provision.
An inclusive school has a welcoming ethos for students and parents from all backgrounds. 
The office and reception area is warm and inviting. 
It sends out a clear signal that the school invites and respects all languages and cultures.  
Displays and visuals alert visitors to the school’s ethos and respect for diversity. 

Survey languages spoken in the school

Know the Cultural Profile of each class and each year. 
Create a database of Nationalities and Languages of all students. 
Data generated can be used and displayed in various formats. 
Parents can also be surveyed and asked if they require home language versions of school correspondence.
Great initiative to run during Maths Week each year.

Ensure that the home languages of all students are visible

Multilingual signs and displays give a strong message that all languages are welcomed and valued.
Invite EAL learners to create multilingual signs for the school and classroom.
This is an effective way of ensuring that EAL learners are included in decision making, and active in the life of the school.
These signs in turn send a message that all languages are welcome and a normal part of school life. 
Free Dual language posters 

Poems for the Wall

A collection of over 100 free poems.
Almost all of them are bilingual, each non-English original having an English translation alongside.
Fifty different languages are represented in the collection and it features the work of internationally famous poets.

Great resource for Poetry Ireland day too!
Poems for the wall

Ensure classroom and library materials reflect all faiths, cultures and languages

Post-Primary Languages Ireland (PPLI) School Library Home Languages Funding Scheme is a great way for schools to purchase Home language and dual language books and resources.
The Book Depository is a great site to source affordable Home language novels, Dual language texts, EAL graded readers, Home language and graded reader versions of English texts (Hamlet, Animal Farm, Romeo and Juliet etc.).
Encourage students to read Home Language texts for Drop Everything and Read.

Subscribe to Nasc

NASC provides the latest up-to-date public health advice to migrants living in Ireland.
In addition to public health videos voiced by doctors in over 30 languages, they also provide Back to School video messaging for parents.
Videos are available in Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Cantonese, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, English, French, Georgian, Greek, Irish, Italian, Hindi, Hungarian, Kurdish Sorani, Latvian, Lingala, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Tamil, Ukrainian and Yoruba.

Translate Ireland

Translate Ireland produces easily understandable and impactful multilingual video messages on topics such as education, immigration and services.
The health-related multilingual video messages are presented by doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers, originally from other countries but who are now living and working in Ireland.
Videos are now available in 43 languages.

Produce a ‘How our School works’ Welcome Booklet

Some schools produce a ‘How Our School Works’  welcome booklet, PowerPoint or video. 
A welcome book serves as a highly visual method of communicating school information. 
It provides a pictorial overview of a school, including:
What students will need for school: equipment; uniform;
Break and lunch
Key people and places in the school
School subjects and clubs
School rules, class times, etc..
Such initiatives can make an important statement about the kind of school you are – welcoming, inclusive, supportive, multilingual and diverse. 
Consider asking students who have been in the school for some time to provide a voice-over to help create multilingual versions.
Booklets can be uploaded to School website.
Attached are some sample pages from our School Welcome Booklet with a voice over in Pashto.
Sample Pages

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